In large areas of land covered with black ash from volcanic eruptions, the manual work of man has led to a unique landscape in the world for its beauty and uniqueness.

The area of La Geria in Lanzarote is known for its unique way of growing grapes from volcanic ash. The eruptions of the Timanfaya National Park forced to replace the cornfields per acres with vineyards.

The result of that determination and need, planting vines in the ashes, the farmer worked the miracle making the earth yield grapes.

Our century-old vineyards in holes dug in the ashes of the volcano create a way of cultivation that is unique in the world.

This system of cultivation in holes of conic shape allows the vine to get to the soil under the dense layer of ashes. The depth and diameter of the holes depends on the density of the ashes, reaching in some areas three meters down.

The holes are protected with a small wall made of stones, the “soco”, to protect the vine from the wind.

Owing to the topography, all the work in the field is manual, without mechanization.

The vineyards over the volcanic ashes created a local variety, the Volcanic Malvasia. This exceptional variety is among the oldest white grape varieties in the world. It stands out for its balance, intense flavor and aroma.

In addition to this variety we cultivate listan blanca, diego, listan negra, negramoll and muscatel.

The planting is ungrafted, due to the absence of phylloxera.